37.00 Dollar US$ Diverticulitis and Stress Ackley

Publicado: May 15, 2019
  • Ubicacion: Usa, Usa, Ackley, Iowa, United States

It turns out that Stress was the number 1 cause for people to have a flare up, ie Diverticulosis to turn into Diverticulitis.Well Stress causes your body to not digest food properly. Usually when under stress blood and oxygen are not directed to the digestive system but to other areas in the body. This has a direct effect on how well the digestive system works. When the stressful situation is resolved the blood and oxygen is directed back to the digestive system. So imagine that you have the Diverticuli and you body is busy fighting an infection in them. A stressful situation comes up, blood and oxygen is taken away from where your body is fighting the infection. Guess who starts winning, yep, the infection. So you have a full blown flare up of Diverticulitis. It is important to give your digestive system the best possible chance for fighting any infections, and stress does not allow that to happen.

However while it is obvious we all live in the real world and not some utopian society. So it will not always be possible to avoid stress. So we need to learn to manage it and control it.There are things you should consider.If it is your job that is causing the stress, is it continuous? Are you under constant pressure to perform and is the place you work a high stress work place?

You need to ask yourself. Do you really need it? I know some people thrive on it and love the stress and high action jobs, but if your health is failing then why risk Diverticulosis for the sake of a job. Might be time to have a look around at something else.

Is it something specific in your life, money, illness (Diverticulitis can itself cause stress, which can cause Diverticulitis, nasty circle that one). Then you need to face the problem and find a solution. Once it is brought out into the open and discussed you might find the solution is closer than you think. But keeping it inside will not help.

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