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Publicado: May 15, 2019
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Keto 6tm But, alas, physiology and biochemistry are not as simple as they are trying to expose them: Burning fat cells directly during exercise is a rather insignificant and scanty process on which attention should not be focused. The main thing - to create an energy deficit diet and exercise for the month, the week, etc. Burning 100 grams of fat is 900 calories, and to do it in one training session is unreal, except for a world-class Olympic athlete. Meticulous scientists have already tested glycogen levels after resting and prolonged sleep. As it turned out, even 15 hours after a meal you have about half the glycogen in your liver. Fasting days also failed to reduce its level to critical values. So if you ate at 18:00, and at 6:00 in the morning, run and imagine how your glycogen ran out - you are lying to yourself. Even the origins of this myth do not have adequate theses. It is not entirely clear where the information about low glycogen levels appeared during running, etc. But just in case, we remind you of the physiology of running. Chemical reactions while running In order to present the picture as a whole, it is necessary to look into the physiology of fat burning. Fat burning takes place in three stages: Fatty acid mobilization (biolysis) - “dissolving”, splitting fat cells to fatty acids, Fatty acid transport Oxidation of fatty acids (fat burning as an energy source). Mobilization is the release of fatty acids from the fat cell. This process is mainly controlled by the hormone insulin and catecholamines, while growth hormone, cortical and other hormones take part in this process. At the next stage, the fatty acids released from the fat cell are transported to the bloodstream. The final stage is oxidation that is, burning of fat inside tissues that need fuel - muscles, liver and heart. Cons of running in the morning American Council on Exercise expert Pete McCall notes that due to the increased hormone cortical in the morning, unused fatty acids in training are not just converted back into fatty tissue, but are more likely to find shelter in the abdomen.

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